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    RecruiterHub was originally formed to deliver traditional training and consultancy into the SME recruitment agency market back in Sept 2009. RecruiterHub has evolved very quickly into a product, people and learning technology provider offering blended solutions to recruiters operating from the bedroom to the boardroom.


    Our mission is to change the way L&D is designed and consumed by recruiters on a global scale.

    Traditional L&D is broken and we are here not only to fix it but also deliver what many have wanted for years and in an affordable fashion – access to the next generation of L&D anytime, anywhere.

    Training Philosophy

    Our approach to training is very direct and commercially driven. Commercially aware recruiters are the exceptional ones.

    • Teach recruiters business, not just skill
    • Dynamic content, not static
    • Bite size chunks of training each day, not hours in a room
    • Deliver workshops, not presentations
    • Blended learning approach, not “one size fits all”


    We are confident in stating that we are the new standard in L&D in the recruitment sector. Our technology, content, internal expertise and the ability to create whatever our clients want sets us apart from the competition.

    Business Philosophy

    The philosophy we live by in our business is hugely influenced by Patrick Lencioni and his book “Getting Naked”.

    This has undoubtedly defined our approach to building a successful business alongside our clients.

    We are a team of honest, dynamic and very innovative people that treat customers and partners in the same transparent manner to ensure we all mutually achieve our goals.

    We work only with success in mind, not fear, and have achieved this for a number of years by forming a very self aware group of people who want to change the game.

    The Concept

    Naked service requires the service provider to be vulnerable—to embrace uncommon levels of humility, selflessness and transparency for the good of the client. Client loyalty and trust are achieved by overcoming the three fears;

    1. Fear of Losing the Business
    2. Fear of Being Embarrassed
    3. Fear of Feeling Inferior

    Feel free to contact us with your views, ideas and opportunities that will allow us to build something with you and your business.

    Your Business, Your Hub.

    Meet our learning management system.


    Our in-house learning management system is the ultimate platform for your business. With a real focus on user experience, Our LMS offers seamless hosting, intuitive functionality and real learning transparency for both users and managers.

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