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    The Real Cost of Recruitment Training

    The Real Cost of Recruitment Training

    When you focus too hard on cost you tend to lose sight of value. The biggest pocket burner for agencies isn’t the headline figure they measure against, but the consequence of ignoring the importance of training altogether….

    Do Clients Question Your Credibility?

    Maybe you are relatively new to the world of work? Maybe you haven’t dealt with clients in your job before? Maybe, on the other hand, you have taken on a new employee who is competent, but just…

    How To Handle Job Search Rejection

    Looking for a job is one of the scariest things that you can do in life. Your future is entirely up in the air, and there is no rule to say that you should apply to this…

    Recruitment Has Too Many “Managers”

    We coach recruitment teams, helping them to become more effective. We see many different types of business structure, incentive schemes and company cultures. We meet recruitment stalwarts and novices, generalists and specialists, managers and leaders. I’d like…

    Recruitment Is Not An Island

    Recruitment can be a very lonely place. Clients don’t trust you with their roles; candidates don’t return your calls; you have a list of “live” jobs as long as your arm but you don’t know which one…

    Training IS Dead. Long Live the Game.

    When I tell people that I work in training, the reaction is usually a muted “oh, that’s interesting” coupled with a glazed look that you only really get when someone is desperate to change the subject. Far…

    The Four Personality Types Of A Recruiter

    In my popular last article “Why Recruiters Can’t Hire Recruiters?” I explored some of the reasons why our industry is so ineffective at bringing through the “rookies” and why turnover amongst inexperienced recruiters is so high. Today…

    Why Can’t Recruiters Recruit For Themselves?

    The recruitment industry is often an easy target for criticism. Finding a job is such an emotive pursuit that expectations and reality rarely coincide. Both candidates and clients alike are almost always over-optimistic about the potential to…

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