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    The Four Personality Types Of A Recruiter

    In my popular last article “Why Recruiters Can’t Hire Recruiters?” I explored some of the reasons why our industry is so ineffective at bringing through the “rookies” and why turnover amongst inexperienced recruiters is so high.

    Today I would like to explore four key personality types – Activists, Reflectors, Theorists and Pragmatists (based on the Honey & Mumford learning style model) and give some tips as to which roles these different people should be playing within your recruitment organization. Have a think about which sorts of people you have in your recruitment organization currently…. do you need more of a certain type? Bear this in mind when you are hiring!

    The Activist

    “I’ll try anything once. I love new experiences. I have little interest in longer-term projects. I act first and think later.”

    Recruitment takeaway: These are the people to set the example with business development. If you have any new ways of working, they are the ones to lead the way. They can be creative problem solvers and are often the life and soul of the office. They don’t like the mundane, and on the more difficult roles, there is a danger of them losing focus.

    The Reflector

    “I err on the side of caution. I am an observer. I keep a low profile and consider all options. I am a great listener, who sees the bigger picture.”

    Recruitment takeaway: Reflectors make excellent Account Managers. They may not be the most dynamic of people, but when they make a decision, you are sure that it has been carefully considered. They very rarely drop the ball. They may not be seen as the leaders of the business, but make an excellent sounding board for any decision. They are insightful interviewers.

    The Theorist

    I’m a rational, logical person. I reject lateral and subjective thinking.

    If it makes sense, it’s good. I’m able to solve complex tactical and strategic issues.”

    Recruitment takeaway: Theorists make the best interviewers and are proficient at “selling” a candidate’s skills to a client. They are able to see the logical “fit” for the two parties and good at communicating why it makes sense. They are equally good at handling negotiations between clients and candidates, remaining impartial at all times. Again, they make good Account Managers.

    The Pragmatist

    “I see challenges as opportunities, not problems. I act quickly and confidently on new ideas. I have excellent decision-making skills. I’ll make things happen.”

    Recruitment takeaway: Pragmatists are task oriented and like to get their hands dirty. In short, they make the best all-round recruiters. They have a determined and down to earth attitude to getting things done and don’t suffer fools gladly. They are effective in their dealings with candidates and clients, and while their communication skills could be more finessed, you know that they will get the job done.

    According to Honey and Mumford, in descending order of likelihood, the most common combinations are:

    1)    Reflector/Theorist

    2)    Theorist/Pragmatist

    3)    Reflector/Pragmatist

    4)    Activist/Pragmatist

    Can you recognise these sorts of people within your recruitment business or corporate recruiting team? Are they being charged with the right sort of activity?

    When you bring new recruiters into the organization, are these some of the qualities that you are looking for? Not everyone has the perfect “package”, so sometimes you have to build a team of complementary talents.

    Our Academy uses the above assessment along with a competency framework we have developed over the last 5 years. Call us on 0800 161 5100.

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