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    Hiring Strategies

    Now more than ever, an effective hiring and attraction campaign is absolutely essential for every business.

    With advancements in technology and the ability to reach a much wider market, we can show you how to create a compelling process focussed around pace and quality.

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    Engaging inductions drive retention and performance and long gone are the days where a simple “company handbook” will suffice.

    We can help set the tone of your business from Day 1 and ensure that each and every employee believes in the company journey and the role they play in achieving it.

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    Personal Development Plan

    Consistency is probably one of the toughest things to achieve in any business.

    We believe that a structured “Personal Development Plan” for each member of staff is key in solving this mostly neglected area of development.

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    Training & Content Design

    If you’ve got ideas around the type training you’d like to develop or maybe you’ve already got some static training which just needs to be made more dynamic.

    We can help design and create your very own tailored offline/online training products.

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    Your Hub

    Powered by RecruiterHub.

    • Transparent reporting with configurable custom reports.

    • Supports any content type - videos, eLearning, PDFs and many more.

    • Intuitive user experience to maximise learning progress.

    • Dashboard with social interaction built-in for every user.

    • Personal Curriculum of training for every learner.

    • Gamified learning process with experience points & badges.

    • Customisable styling to match your branding.

    Lee Griffiths - Streamline

    "In 4 years we have gone from one office to three and from 9 staff to 35+. That is the profound effect Recruiter Hub has had on our business."

    Lee Griffiths - Streamline

    In a world where size matters
    we are proving that smaller
    is better and you can
    have it every day.

    Russell Bennett, Co-Founder

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