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    Russell Bennett
    By Russell Bennett

    Effective Billing Management

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    Course Description

    Congratulations! As a Billing Manager you have the hardest job in the industry. Keeping your desk moving forward whilst looking after staff is an immense challenge. The aim of this course is to help make your life easier and also to help you understand your leadership role within the business. Good luck!

    Course Structure

    • Part 01Effective Billing Management - Introvideo
    • Part 02Effective Billing Management - Restricting Accessvideo
    • Part 03Test Your Knowledgequiz
    • Part 04Effective Billing Management - Lead by Examplevideo
    • Part 05Effective Billing Management - Controllable Outputvideo
    • Part 06Test Your Knowledgequiz
    • Part 07Effective Billing Management - Summaryvideo
    • Part 08Tip Sheet: Effective Billing Managementdownload

    Course Author

    Russell Bennett

    With a background in recruitment approaching 20 years and a career littered with big industry names and impressive promotions, Russell has firmly established himself as a straight-talking trainer and advisor to some of the fastest growing agencies in our sector. Having originally founded Recruiter Hub over 8 years ago, he's worked with agencies globally, combining consultancy and bespoke training technology to drive high performance and success. His philosophy is simple, recruiters are business people and should be trained that way. Teaching a skill is relatively simple, teaching them the next move is the opportunity.

    Russell Bennett

    "Boss, I want to learn this!"

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