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    Meghan Du Toit
    By Meghan Du Toit

    Sector Training: Premium Package

    £1800INC. VAT
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    Bring your sector training to life and teach consultants all about the sector you specialise in. From job descriptions, sector overviews, typical clients or even specific terminology - all this critical information can be conveyed in a concise and enjoyable fashion. Plus with the addition of a few short, well placed quizzes, you'll be able to test consultants' knowledge and understanding. Great sector training results in real confidence, credibility and pace. Our premium package consists of 15 videos, 15 x 5 question quizzes and 3 external resource.


    Meghan Du Toit

    Meghan is the creative power at RH. Following a successful career in recruitment spanning 10 years, it was time to channel her passion for the industry in a different way. When she's not designing products, launching client platforms and training recruiters she is innovating what we do to the next level. Meghan embraces the need for a bespoke approach and delivers a unique solution every time.

    Meghan Du Toit

    "Boss, I want to learn this!"

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